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You do not need to seek freedom in some distant land.. for everything already exists within your own body, mind, heart and soul


About Me

I’ve worked as a stunt woman and model, but exercise and movement have always been my passion. My extensive experience as a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher and pilates instructor allow me to deliver an integrated, balanced approach so you can achieve your goals whilst doing what’s right for your body.  

I’m devoted to my clients and the long-term relationships I build with them are one of the main pleasures of my work. Outside of class, you’ll find me dancing – especially salsa! - and actively supporting stray cat and dog charities in Greece.

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Client Testimonials

I train with people online from around the world - at all stages of their fitness journey.

Eleni is the absolute best!! I’ve had the pleasure of many great trainers and she is by far my favourite. She is an inspiration and has helped me achieve the results I want for my body. She has an immense amount of knowledge and can work around injuries as well. She is wonderful to be around and keeps me motivated. I feel so fortunate to have found her. I highly encourage anyone to give yourself the gift of working with her!

Tillie Walton

Eleni is the best trainer I have ever had. She inspired me in middle-age to be fit again!

Randall Duff

Eleni is a brilliant instructor. She treats each person as an individual and has a genuine interest in them. She is a professional and yet friendly, and never makes you feel that you can't do it. I trust Eleni and respect her knowledge and expertise. I can tell this by experience as she's been incredibly helpful in improving my running form when I was struggling with different running related injuries. I would recommend Eleni to anyone.

Pratyush Kumar

Eleni is a great person as well as a great personal trainer. Since training with her I have grown in confidence using the pilates reformer and improved my core fitness more than I ever expected. I really feel she looked at me as a whole person and assessed the areas I needed to work on to deliver a very personalised programme. She encouraged me to incorporate other exercises including kettle bell workouts, dead lifts and of course endless squats and lunges. I have found our sessions both exhausting and exhilarating, leaving each session with a real sense of achievement.

Farzana Hussain

I started attending Eleni's reformer Pilates classes as part of my rehab following a serious hip injury. Her ability to motivate me and cater for my personal situation yet continuously safely challenge my fitness ability was instrumental in my speedy recovery - and my ongoing well being thereafter. Her classes are fun and challenging, with new innovative exercises that yield tangible results. Her expertise combined with her endearing personality and ability to motivate means that I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Clarisse De La Gardette

Eleni is such an amazing trainer who helps you strengthen both physically and mentally. I think it’s a kind of talent that she always challenges you, but in such a subtle and calming way that you just want to keep pushing forward and improving. I’ve tried many instructors but am sticking to Eleni’s class - not only for her training skills, but her whole attitude towards training and the body. It’s this combination that draws people back to her. And she has great music in her sessions - you just don’t want to stop moving!

Enni Zhao

I thoroughly enjoyed Eleni's classes and extremely grateful for her support in tackling my herniated disc. I used to be in constant pain throughout the days, but with her rehabilitation planning it has changed my life and helped me grow to love reformer pilates. Her positivity and energy during training was also a key driver to recovery. Forever grateful to a great instructor!

James Nicholas Saram

Eleni is a fantastic trainer and she has helped me a lot!

Robert Kingsmill

Eleni's Pilates Reformer routines are an energizing combination of strength and flexibility work with a real aerobic component. It's been a real pleasure to train with her and incredibly improved my all-round fitness.

Peter Rudge


Where can I workout?

You can workout anywhere - all you'll need is an internet connection and a phone, laptop, desktop or TV screen (so I can see your form and posture). I use Skype and Zoom and you will be able to see me during the session.

Will I need equipment?

I usually work with bands and dumbbells (items which require minimal space) but will design a training programme for you that reflects your goals, the space where you train, and any equipment you already have. (I can of course advise which brands and equipment are best if you want to invest in some).

Are you certified and how do I know the workout is safe for me?

I am a certified personal trainer, dynamic Pilates Reformer instructor and Yoga Teacher. I am insured and registered with REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals). Our training sessions will be tailored to you individually and this includes taking you through a health & safety questionnaire. I have a lot of experience working with people who have been injured - through sport or otherwise. Very happy to discuss this more - it's an important area.

What's your cancellation policy?

There is no charge for a session if your cancellation is received at least 24 hours in advance of the session start time.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

If you'd like a nutrition plan, please let me know and I'll introduce you to my team's registered dietician. This is charged for separately but you will be notified about prices and options prior to any initial consultation.

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Contact Me

To train regularly and feel in tune with your body is terrific achievement and a great feeling.


Get in touch to arrange a trial session. If you're new to personal training or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

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